A new technologies curriculum for Australian Schools

Australian teachers are excited by the publication of a new technologies curriculum for foundation to year ten F-10. This curriculum draws together the subject areas of design and technology and digital technologies. It addresses is a need for all students to become more confident, creative users of technology. Technology is such a vital part of our daily lives and the business world.

This new curriculum has two strands

  1. Knowledge and understanding
  2. Processes and production skills.

There is a focus on systems thinking considers  the interconnected layers or aspects of a whole system before looking at isolated elements. The key factor in systems thinking is that  an action or disruption in one part or element of a system will influence and impact on the other layers. This connects to the cross- curriculum theme of sustainability.

Design thinking and design processes have been introduced  to explore the processes and thinking strategies used by designers as they engage in creative practices. There is a focus on students being actively engaged in authentic design projects which link across all areas of the curriculum. I am looking forward to seeing your responses and how you tackle this complex area of technology in your teaching.

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  1. Could you please tell me where to find the slideshow from the ECU Twilight seminar on this blog? Some of my colleagues could not attend and would like to see the presentation if possible.

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