Coding for all ages


Subject: Digital Technologies

Year level: Year 3

Strand: Digital Technologies process and production skills

Substrand: Digital Implementations

Use visually represented sequenced steps (algorithms), including steps with decisions made by the user (branching) (ACTDIP011)

General Capabilities

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Capabilities

What is Code?

Code is a website that allows people of all ages to complete computer science activities. Hour of Code allows students to access tutorials and learn how computer science works. Code Studio can be set up by a teacher so students can work their way through tasks and further their understandings of computer science. These tasks are great for students because they target the students needs (students can work at their own pace through the levels) and it also includes interest of theirs so it keeps them actively engaged in the learning. The code website can be used on laptops, iPads and tablets therefore students have the ability to easily click and drag the appropriate instruction where necessary, making the website extremely interactive. The Code website manages to incorporate games and movies into coding; examples of these include Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen. Coding is a great way for students to build and use their problem solving skills.

For more information about this website and to start coding yourself click the link below 

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2 thoughts on “Coding for all ages

  1. Hi Katelyn,

    I love this coding program and how much variety comes with it. During my practicum I took part in a year 3 coding lesson which worked on this program. Having never seen it before I thought it was extremely interesting and I couldn’t believe how easy the students picked it up. I loved how the program is set out very simply and each coding level has easy to follow instructions. I also love the way you can use this program in other learning areas.

    Kind Regards
    Brooke Lazarakis

  2. This is a fantastic resource to introduce students to coding! I recently completed the hour of code and learnt a lot about coding by using this website. It is suitable for students across all ages and incorporates movies as a fun and interactive way for students to learn. I recently completed the game Moana: Coding with Moana, based on the Disney movie Moana, it was fantastic and I really appreciated the incorporation of a movie character.

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