Korffman wins elections after conflicts.






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Subject: Technology

Year Level: 5-6

Strand: Digital Technology

Sub Strand:Digital technologies processes and production skills

Content Description: 6.9 Manage the creation and communication of ideas  and information including online collaborative projects, applying  agreed ethical, social and technical protocols.

Elaboration: Using a range of communication tools to share ideas and information, for example participating in collaborative online environments

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Cross Curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities: Easily linked to multiple Cross Curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities; for instance Literacy, ICT, Personal and Social Capabilities, Creative and Critical Thinking

Links to Other Learning Areas:  Easily linked to a multitude of Learning Areas, History, Science, English, Maths and Geography to name a few.

A Classroom Activity using this Resource:  After conducting research and inquiry activities, students can compile their information using Touchcast technology as an interactive display of their learning. These can easily be posted on the classroom blog for parent viewing ( with permission), and contribute to learning and assessment portfolios.

How to use this Resource: This resource can be highly adaptable. Teachers can use it during classroom research as an adaption of the webquest. Students can present learning through the use of Touchcast either collaboratively or individually.


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