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Talking QR Codes

IMG_0002_2Subject: Digital Technologies

Year Level:F-2

Strand:Digital Technologies processes and production skills

Sub strand:Using digital systems

2.4 Identify, explore and use digital systems ( hardware and software components) for personal and classroom needs.

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Cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities

Critical and creative thinking (CCT),Personal and social capability (PSC),Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Literacy (LIT)

Links to other learning areas

English, Science

A classroom activity using this resource

This is a fun way to encourage our  students to use digital technologies tell their stories. A “talking” QR code is a fun activity to engage students young and old. This activity can be used for digital storytelling and to promote literacy. Use talking QR codes to encourage students to create authentic stories and share them with their peers and their families. Students in early childhood settings can tell the story about their artwork or  read a story they have written. Students who are at  pre-reading and prewriting stages can record themselves “reading”  the print written by their teacher. Older students can add a narrative to a project or make their thinking visible by explaining the process they followed to solve a maths problem. Talking QR codes can be used for learning a language or to describe a science experiment. I am sure you can`t wait to get started, the best part is that it is so easy the students can do it themselves. I have selected a very quick free way to do this in your classroom. It works with a computer or any mobile tablet or smart phone.

How to use this resource

You start by creating a recording and linking to it with a quick response code or QR code.

Scan this QR code and hear how to create an audio file
Scan this QR code and hear how to create an audio file
  • You need to record an audio file and store it online which can be accessed via a QR code.
  • To do this activity  you will need access to wifi
  • Go to this site
  • Vocaroo is  easy to use.
  • It starts recording immediately you just have to press stop when you are done.
  • You can listen to your recording and redo it if needed.
  • It gives you a range of options for sharing the recording- select Qr code on the bottom right hand corner
  • You can read the QR code with any QR code application these are free for mobile devices-

Sharing options- click on the bottom right to create a QR code




A new technologies curriculum for Australian Schools

Australian teachers now have a new technologies curriculum for foundation to year ten F-10. This curriculum draws together the subject areas of design and technology and digital technologies. It addresses is a need for all students to become more confident, creative users of technology. Technology is such a vital part of our daily lives and the business world. This new curriculum has two strands

1.) knowledge and understanding

2.)processes and production skills.

There is a focus on systems thinking considers  the interconnected layers or aspects of a whole system before looking at isolated elements. The key factor in systems thinking is that  an action or disruption in one part or element of a system will influence and impact on the other layers. This connects to the cross- curriculum theme of sustainability.

Design thinking and design processes have been introduced  to explore the processes and thinking strategies used by designers as they engage in creative practices. There is a focus on students being actively engaged in authentic design projects which link across all areas of the curriculum. I am looking forward to seeing your responses and how you tackle this complex area of technology in your teaching.

Welcome to the Technologies Curriculum Resources Blog

Dear Teachers and Pre-service Teachers
I am Dr Jenny Lane  @EduJen

Thank you for visiting our community resource blog. We have set this up as a useful resource for teachers and preservice teachers. Technology is an important part of everything we do. We have a new Technologies Curriculum in Australia and it makes sense for us to work together to find and share the best most useful resources to use in our teaching.

I am an enthusiastic blogger. Community blogging is a great way to work together to benefit all of us and most importantly the students we teach. Please use this blog to build  a set of resources and teaching ideas that we can all use as we plan our teaching in the technologies area. I look forward to seeing your postings and comments. All the work in this blog will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Happy blogging
Dr Jenny Lane and the DTM4260 team